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Welcome to

Zombie Hell

Wanna Support us?
Here, you can buy in-game VIP Stuff.
Which you can use on our Rust Zombie Hell Server.


Quick Note for How does it work:
Here you see some categories from each of our Server.

Zombie Hell
Zombie Hellfire
Zombie Land

Check out on which Server u play by typing in game: /info
Here u can check @ the left upper Side where u play.

You can choose 1 Server and Buy your VIP package.
Note that 1 Package is for 1 Server. You can also Gift a Package if u want.
Choose one of the categories and it will show you the VIP Packages.

After that u can click "Buy" and a popup will open again, where you have the following two options, please choose one of them:

Add to Cart - This is a one-time purchase, the package will tell you how long it's valid. After it expires you will have to buy it again if you want to use it.

Gift this package - Choose this option if you want to gift a package to a friend, you will need to fill his/her SteamID64 to gift it. We accept Banktransfer Credit Card and Paypal. Donmt forget to authorize your Diwsocrd also so u will get the Rank @our Discord.


When you have bought a package, you will need to log-in to the server where you bought the package.
In case, it doesn't please contact an in-game admin, or send us an email or message on Discord.

Thank you very very much for your support!

If payment was succesful u will get a Server Message that u Buy your VIP package.
 Then u can check your VIP status. This process works fully automaticly.

Each VIP Package works 1 Month.
After that u need a resubscription.

If you have any Trouble let us know.

Join our Discord:

You can open a Ticket and we will answer asap.

Really Thank You for Supporting our Server´s! :)

Why we created this store?

These Servers are really expansive and we try to fix our costs. 
Its not a Win Buisness its only to optimize the Gameplay for each Player.

So, please, keep in mind that you're supporting our Servers and not the Person behind the Scene. :)
We Pay for each NEW Plugin and setup some Server to get the best Performance and Gameplay for you.
This is a private Project and  I donated it for years from my own pocket.

I spend some hours with fixing servers and Code some nice Stuff to optimeze each Server from Day to Day.
So i can only say Thank you so much for all your support!

I really appreciate it!